I attended a family wedding back in June in Kos, a stunning little Greek island. Can’t be bad right? It was the perfect chance to dress up and capture some outfit shots whilst in the midst of the beautiful Greek scenery and landscapes that this island has to offer.

So here are three of my favourite summer outfits:

Big thank you to Asos, Boohooman & Reiss for gifting some of these outfits!

  1. Dripping in Reiss. – Reiss £130

For this look I paired some Reiss cotton shorts with a button up fly and drawstring with a fitted cotton jersey style polo shirt. Both of these are part of Reiss’s new summer range and are actually quite nautical. I’ll be taking these on a cruise in September with me too. This was one of my favourite outfits to wear, I waited till the end of the holiday to get a bit of a tan before wearing this. It kept me cool and paired with some loafers, is an overall smart casual look.

2. Finish it off with Tommy – Asos £40 – Tommy Hilfiger £100

So this next look , was a bit more casual. Still smart, but the type of outfit to go out on the town with. It’s a bit younger, less traditional, but still on trend. The printed shirt from Asos is pretty out there, but so are printed shirts this summer! They are everywhere right now. Matched with some skinny fit,aged blue denim shorts and finished off with a decent pair of sneakers. These Tommy Hilfiger trainers come in all white and all black and I instantly fell in love with them (I’m wearing the navy ones). This whole outfit is ridiculously comfy and something you could wear dancing until the sunrise on your local strip!

3.Pin Stripes obsession. – River Island £40

My final look, and probably my favourite because I am completely in love with these trousers from River Island. They come as part of a muscle-fit skinny suit and without doubt they are the comfiest trousers i’ve ever worn. Not too thick so they kept me cool and fit around my legs perfectly with stretchy material. These were actually worn at the wedding with an all white shirt to smarten up the look. But for this look, I wanted another smart casual night. Paired with an all black plain fitted T-shirt (must be tucked in), a black leather belt and some sand coloured loafers, this look pretty much matches the scenery around me.

All three outfits can be found in high street shops and online.

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