When I was very kindly asked to come along to try an all you can eat style buffet at Blue Sakura Leeds I was to be honest a little dubious… Why? I just don’t like Sushi. Or so I thought!

Let’s start by saying, Blue Sakura is different. Different in a good way! It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet serving Japanese sushi and options from an asian style grill but the difference is you order everything from an ipad! Apparently this is very popular in Japan but completely new to Leeds! (and me).

Situated in an up and coming area of Leeds opposite The First Direct Arena, Blue Sakura offers you freshly made to order dishes whilst sitting under bright pink & blue blossom trees. A wow factor of a look for a restaurant that is fresh, cool, feels luxurious, but not over the top. I won’t lie it’s definitely an ‘Instagrammable’ restaurant.

The menu consists of literally 100’s of hot and cold dishes that you can select at the touch of a button meaning you can try all sorts. So, as mentioned before I am not a lover of Sushi, or at least I didn’t think I was. But you know, you have to try everything once so I dived right in and was surprised every single time.

The menu offers everything you’d usually expect but then so much more. There are a selection of curry’s, a huge selection of Sushi, bao buns, off the grill, noodles, sides, desserts, drinks, it’s pretty much endless. Just to note here too if you’re not a huge sea food fan, there is a full range of the usual, beef, lamb, chicken and vegetarian dishes to choose from. At an affordable price this is a great place to try new foods you might not have tried before and that’s what I did. Turns out I love sushi and especially barbequed eel! I literally couldn’t get enough of it! Good job I could have as much as I wanted from the touch of a button.

The staff here are very friendly and its nice really to not be bothered as much as you order from an ipad rather than the staff themselves. However, they are there for your every need whenever you want, it’s not impersonal, it actually makes the whole ordering process easy. You look through the menu, add to your basket, then send it to the kitchen. Minutes later your food arrives freshly cooked and presented beautifully.

Genuinely the food here is gorgeous and even as somebody who really doesn’t eat that much seafood and Sushi, I LOVED IT! It’s worth mentioning too that the cocktails here are delicious! Definitely worth a try, get yourself down if you fancy a different experience and some gorgeously fresh asian inspired dishes! Thank you Blue Sakura for the invite, and as always, thank you Pink Gorilla PR!

If you want to get in touch with me for any enquiries email me at Tomjsheard@gmail.com

Blue Sakura Leeds | Address: 2-3 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BT

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