So, whats better than a Dakota Deluxe in Leeds right now..? How about a brand new Dakota In Manchester? That’s what!

I’ve previously rated the Leeds Dakota Deluxe as one of my favourite hotels to date so when I was asked for a little stop over at the brand new Dakota in Manchester I jumped at the chance… and obviously, with the precedent already set at the Leeds hotel, I was ready to compare and critique! ( You win with this one Dakota Manchester).

I tried to go in with an open mind at the fact I didn’t think anything could beat the Leeds Dakota, but you know what, it sure can. This new hotel that sits alongside the canal and just a 5 minute cab journey from the Northern Quarter is nothing less than outstanding. It oozes with the same dark tones, sophisticated charm, ridiculously good service and menu’s to melt in your mouth. The Manchester Dakota carries the same personality as the Leeds one, but to put it in simple terms, just better. I’ll stop comparing at this point, because as much as they are very similar, they are very different and you know what, as hard as it is for me to say it (typical born and bred Leeds man) , the newest of the Dakota hotel’s is a winner.

Just a quick note – The Leeds Dakota is still my favourite hotel in the city of Leeds!

Anyway, back to it… so there’s a reason this place went to the #1 hotel on Trip Advisor within its first two weeks of it’s opening (and remains still at #1). It’s frigging gorgeous! The exterior of the hotel for a start doesn’t disappoint, it stands proud on its own with dark slate greys and blacks mixed with the opulent, golden Dakota Sign. (That and all the beautiful cars parked outside) – Just to add here, the hotel doesn’t have on site parking (Unless you’re an A-lister) but it does have a Valet on hand for the small price of ¬£30.00 who whisks your car away as well as the stress of parking to a safe car park close by. Your car also returns with Dakota mints, branded bottled water and an air freshener, you know what, its a great service and its the little details that make all the difference… this was one of many.

From the second you walk through the dark tinted automatic doors, you feel you’re in good hands. You know you’re about to have a good time and a luxurious one. Smiley receptionist, check! Huge glass surrounded fire in the lobby, check! dark on trend theme, check! – I could go on forever. It packs a punch and its just so damn cool!

Carry this grey theme up in the lift, and to the room. The rooms are spotless, with every amenity possible. Size matters here and every room has more than enough. I was in a double king and felt as if I was in a suite. A huge gorgeous king size bed and a bathroom equipped with a gigantic double bath tub AND a rainfall shower that is operated by the touch of a button. Incredible. Just to add, you’ll find everything you need in this room, Hair dryer, ironing board, flat screen TV with Sky, Coffee, Snacks, Wine, USB ports for charging anything you’d like, space, space and more space.

Hotel Bedroom

On to hotel’s restaurant – The grill. Without all my usual drama, I quite possibly had one of the best meals of my life, no, there’s no exaggeration. So, this place is posh, but like trendy posh, not pretentious but just so bloody fancy, the kind of place you want to look nice in because the restaurant sure looks nice! Here I met two of my favourite service staff to date for the first time. Cue Grace a waitress at the grill and Tom the restaurant manager. Both knowledgeable in everything on offer, both attentive, smiley, friendly and you know what… human. Ask them anything, they have the answer and usually with a joke or a laugh to go with it. Their service is impeccable and it really made our stay and experience a cut above previous experiences.

It’s worth pointing out too that there is a large bar, with outside areas to have a sit with a drink as the sun go’s down and the most beautiful “Cigar Garden”. Now this is very different to the rest of the hotel and a real show-stopper. Dressed with huge olive trees, outdoor fireplaces and beautiful lounge furniture you can sit back with a cocktail of your choice, and if you’re the type… a cigar to go with it (sold in the bar).

Cigar Garden Terrace
Cigar Garden Terrace

All in all, this hotel by far is up there as one of my favourite in the UK – If not THE favourite right now! It has everything I love about a hotel – Suave, sophisticated interiors, a chilled, laid-back vibe and really, REALLY good food.

Head on over if you’re visiting, hell why don’t you stay for more than one night because lets be honest, there is nowhere else in Manchester worth staying now the Deluxe has moved to town!

Just in case you were wondering… This is a genuine review, I haven’t been paid or sponsored for this post and all of these opinions are my own. It really is that good.

Click here to drool more over what this hotel has to offer.

Dakota Hotels Manchester -29 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JL

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