It’s official… it’s slipper season! and this year I’m talking about TOMS and their Berkeley Slippers to be precise.

Before I go into the nitty gritty about these slippers, I thought it was worth noting firstly the impact that purchasing TOMS has… don’t worry it’s ALL GOOD! 

There’s nothing better than a global brand that gives back. In a world where consumer attitudes have changed and we are now specifically looking for Vegan products, products that don’t harm the environment or even products that give back to charity, TOMS does all of the above and have done for a while now. In the last 13 years TOMS have provided shoes to 96.5 MILLION people. Just think about that for a second. Now, for every £3 TOMS make, they give £1 away – that’s a third of their profits given away every year, WOW. Now I’m sorry but what an incredible brand to be a part of!

Now I like to be extremely honest with my followers and although this is a sponsored post, I am here to raise awareness of brands and their ethics, and I would never write on my blog for brands I don’t believe in. TOMS is a brand I truly think are doing wonders and actually stand out as quite unique in a competitive market. 

This leads me to their Berkeley Slipper

I was provided with the Grey Felt Berkeley Slipper which, by the way, arrives in a gift-box which is a great start. These slippers are a little bit of luxury, they are filled with a faux shearling lining, which keeps those tootsies nice and warm as the cold winter weather rapidly takes over.

Honestly, as cliche as this might seem, it’s like walking on bouncy clouds. They fit perfectly, but unlike ordinary slippers, they have a rim at the back of them so your whole foot is surrounded. But they still have the ease to just slip them on like a normal slipper. I love that about them actually, they’re snug.

As previously mentioned, these slippers are 100% Vegan, which I adore, we really don’t have to harm animals to create a superb product these days. There is also a removable sole slipped tight into these slippers, however I’ve kept mine in because it’s just so comfy.

Personally, I think slippers are made to be worn inside the house (and that’s what I’ll be doing, all snug, cosy and warm), however TOMS have gone that little bit extra: if you’re not like me and have designed these slippers with a rubber outsole it means if you want to run outside to collect your Christmas parcels – you can! 

That leads me nicely on to my next point. Who doesn’t like slippers, right? And that makes these a brilliant Christmas present. Remember, it already comes in a gift-box so half the job is done for you too, they can just sit pretty under the Christmas tree waiting to be opened on Christmas Day.

Available in grey and black, Click here to shop TOMS Berkeley Slipper at OFFICE Shoes.

*This post contains Paid Sponsorship.

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