Alright, alright, alright, I admit it… I am no longer as young as I once was. Admitting that means i’m over the first hurdle. Come to think of it though actually growing old shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, but everybody likes to look younger right?

Skincare is important, especially in men. Nowadays guy’s are (finally) so open with their skincare regimes and you know what, they should be! It’s normal and whilst we’re all growing older there is some incredible products on the market to help us slow down the process. Whilst I know this is directed to an audience of men, of course anybody can try these wonderful products.

I’ve put a list together of my favourite skin care products (in no particular order) to make it easier for you to make an informed choice when it comes to your skincare. You should know however, that every single one of these are cruelty free. It’s 2020, we don’t need to and shouldn’t be using any animal for testing skincare products. Anyway, I digress…

The Ordinary Skincare Range
  1. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (100ml £4.41) & The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (100ml £5.31).

I am both new to this product and late to it. This range has been around a few years now and I always heard many great things about them. Honestly, I do get sent a lot of skincare products to review and this the only reason I just never got around to trying this one is… I just didn’t need to.

However, when I had a range of their products bought for me in August for my 30th birthday I actually couldn’t wait to try them.

Everything about this brand is brilliant. Like, seriously good. They’re cool, informative, only use incredible ingredients and of course cruelty free. In terms of price they are quite frankly unbeatable. Both of these products are less than £6 each. The Ordinary push boundaries with their price points in the fact they completely blow expensive ranges off the market. It’s really simple, great skincare products shouldn’t and don’t have to cost the earth. Containing only natural ingredients and pages and pages of information you cannot go wrong with these products.

Their website is designed for you to take your time researching your skincare products. Why you ask? their answer “because your skincare routine shouldn’t be rushed”. That speaks volumes and makes total sense. You’ll find so much information on their website it kind of blows you away, but at the same time you’ll get the exact product needed for your skin type. Plus, if you really still don’t know, send in an email with a photo of your skin and they’ll get back to you with the exact products you need for your skin type. Pretty cool right?

Click here to buy The Ordinary Natural Moisturiser

Click here to buy the The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ritual Of Samurai - Charcoal Face Scrub
The Ritual Of Samurai – Charcoal Face Scrub

2. The Ritual of Samurai – Charcoal Face Scrub – 125ml £12.50

My second on the list is The Charcoal Face Scrub from Rituals. I use this every single day without fail and usually on an evening. This scrub is truly beautiful. It has a calming aroma to it which is perfect after a long hard day. It uses bamboo and binchotan charcoal combined for an invigorating scrub that removes dust and impurities and keeps your pores clear.  I love that feeling of the tiny little exfoliating granules working away at the dead skin on your face. Doing this on the daily now has become somewhat of a… Ritual. I know, I know, yes that sounds cliche but, once you start you can’t stop and that’s not a bad thing.

The Rituals is such a beautiful brand and if you haven’t been into one of their shops yet, make sure to drop in at some point. They’re just stunning. They do an amazing range of home candles and diffusers too.

It’s a really nice product that doesn’t break the bank but is bursting full of top of the range ingredients.

Click here to purchase The Ritual Charcoal Face Scrub

3. Burts Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser 120g £11.49

I’ve actually only recently started using a cleanser. Yes I know, I am late to this too but I’m pretty sure there will be many more out there like me. I didn’t realise that cleansers aren’t just for faces that wear make up. Nope gentlemen, they’re just here to help keep our skin clean. If however you are familiar already with cleansers then this is also one for you to try. This is so silky to touch and feels amazing on your skin. It’s such a way to clean your pours at the end of the day or when you wake up in the morning.

Not to mention it smells gorgeous! Bursting full with oranges but not overpowering this is a delicate little product that should be included in your daily routine to cleanse your pours of dirt. I guarantee it will leave your face feel refreshed and free of impurities. It contains olive oil too which is so good for the skin.

This product is 99.9% natural, plant bases and doesn’t contain any awful, cheap and nasty chemicals that we just don’t need.

Click here to purchase Burts Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

4. La Maison Valmont PRIME RENEWING PACK – 50ml £194

Ok, I didn’t say that all these skincare products were going to be cheap. On the very odd occasion paying out a little extra actually does go a long way. This is the case with the La Maison Valmont Prime Renewing Pack, or what they like to call it “The photoshop effect by Valmont.”

This is an all singing, all dancing, anti-ageing, age defying pot of liquid gold. I couldn’t really explain it any better could I? But this product is simply magnificent. Valmont are a company straight out of Switzerland who believe in all things natural and only use natural (and expensive) ingredients. It’s the creme de la creme of creams, so don’t let that price tag put you off. Your skin literally deserves luxury and this is it.

This cream mask is basically designed to erase the signs of fatigue and ageing filling in wrinkles in literally minutes and adapts to all skin types. It’s so nice to put on too, it comes with a tiny instrument to help you spread the cream across your face. It’s so nice I never actually want to take it off.

A luxury skincare product with proven signs of anti-ageing and created from a brand who are conscious about cruelty free. What isn’t there to like honestly?

Click here to purchase La Mason Valmont Creme Rewnewing Pack

5. Charles + Lee FACE WASH – 150ML £8.99

For my final product on the list I thought it would be a good idea to let this brand do the talking themselves. Charles + Lee are the new boys in town. They do have over 10 years experience between them in skincare formulation and cosmetic science though so don’t let that put you off. Charles + Lee have created are very much a “we are who we are” type of brand. One that doesn’t like all that silly jargon, they’re way more direct and to the point with their products. They’re not about the fancy stuff, but they do make ridiculously good products.

Take this face wash for example, this is exactly how it is described on the bottle.“This face wash does not contain supernatural algae from the depths of the arctic sea, nor was it filtered through the pockets of a double breasted suit. However it is a damn good Face Wash.” You see what I mean when I say they have a no nonsense approach, a real none of the bullshit and straight to the point kind of brand. I love it.

Straight out of Australia it’s fresh and its cool with a mission to bridge the gap between women’s spin off ranges and ridiculously priced niche brands. Charles + Lee set out to give men the tools they need to keep their skincare neat and they’ve smashed it. Their whole range is wonderful.

This face wash smells bloody wonderful, a much more masculine smell too, more than any of the others I have reviewed. It’s has a nice woody aroma to it. There is so much goodness packed into this product and this is why I love to use it. It reduces acne scars, it’s exfoliating, it has antioxidants to help encourage skin prepare and I’ve already told you how nice it smells. Did I mention its also Vegan, cruelty free, Gluten free, and RSPO certified… and just think about all of that for less than a tenner! – You’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys around im sure.

To purchase Charles + Lee Face Wash Click Here

*Some of the items in this blog post were gifts from the brand however none of which have asked me to write this blog post. This is a genuine article on the products I love with some gifted products from previous collaborations. None of these links are affiliates.

If you would like me to review any products or want to get in touch for any other collaborations do feel free to contact me:

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