Marc Darcy suits are the epitome of the quintessential English gentlemen. They pride themselves on high quality beautifully crafted garments and I actually fell in love with mine.

For this look I opted for the Dexter navy speckled three-piece suit. This elegant and masculine item is tailored to fit perfectly in all the right places with plenty of important details.  It’s a suit that can be worn on all occasions in any crowd and still stand out.

Just the feel of the suit showcases it’s quality. The materialis thick and the colour is stunning. I wanted to stick to the blue theme and so I matched this luxury apparel with a sky blue fitted shirt from Reiss which worked perfectly.  You’d think a thicker material might drown your physique underneath but if anything it actually enhances your shape by sitting in all the right places and thus making you feel your best.

The blazer comes with a piece or art hiding under its wings and a fully functional chest pocket. Inside the jacket is a unique pattern lining this item beautifully. A matching waistcoat is included which is fully adjustable depending on how you wear it. The trousers are flat fronted and sit faultlessly on your hips with the hook bar extension.

I’ve worn this suit to different events and a wedding showing just how versatile this piece is. You can contrast the blazer with some slim fitted jeans and boots for a more casual style but for this outfit I went the full haul, using all three pieces, a pocket square and some simple shoes to create the perfect look.

Make sure you check them out here.

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