I want to tell you about a little place in Leeds.

Now…I know a lot about my home city (or at least I think I do) and I have eaten in some beautiful places. But this place seemed to divert under my radar. It’s a place I have heard mentioned numerous times but for whatever reason never actually had the chance to try. Anyway, welcome to Stockdale’s Of Yorkshire, a restaurant where hand’s down they delivered the best steak I’ve ever eaten… like literally, I ate every single bit of it.

Myself and Stanleydru were kindly invited by the guy’s at Pink Gorilla Promotions (thank you) to sample some of this restaurant’s best dishes and cutting a long story short it was sublime.

Let’s go into more detail, Stockdale’s Of Yorkshire endeavours to bring together local produce within an unrivalled restaurant environment. The restaurant is located in a large grade two listed building smack bang in the city centre of Leeds on south parade. You’ll notice the elegance of this place even before you step through the front door. A smooth Neon “Stockdale’s” light hovers outside above the entrancelike a halo lighting your way to what will be a wonderful experience.  On first impressions the restaurant itself is beautiful with dark wooden floor and cladding mixed with soft, tan, leather seating across a vast platform with high ceilings. It is both sophisticated and upmarket. The staff are polite and attentive and already we were smiling.

Stockdale’s presented us with water, wine and bread to start with at the table (a lovely touch). The bread arrived warm and on a wooden board, with butter and beef dripping. I instantly knew from here that if anything, the presentation of the food we were about to receive would be next level.

For starters I tried the Chicken Liver Parfait with Madeira Jelly & house brioche.  This again came on a wooden board etched with the word “Stockdale’s” and a full air tight jar of chicken liver parfait, beautifully garnished with flowers. The Brioche bun was so fresh when I broke it open steam was still rising from it. The flavours packed a real punch and were exactly what I needed to set me up for the main course.

Stockdale’s is famous for its steak so this was always going to be the obvious choice for my main. The 10oz Sirloin Steak was grilled to perfection (medium-rare) and was without doubt the best I’ve had in Leeds. It had that wonderful smoky grilled taste and was mouth watering, my knife literally cut through the steak like butter. I never usually eat the fat on a steak but this cut was so pure and the taste was so divine I couldn’t stop until there was nothing left on the plate. I didn’t actually order any sides because of the bread we were served in the verybeginning but there is an abundance to choose from like buttery mash or tender-stem broccoli.

Moving swiftly on to desserts. The staff at Stockdale’s were so lovely they treated us to a taster dessert menu. Four little desserts were given to us sat nicely on a Yorkshire slate of course. These consisted of Gin & Tonic, Blackberry jelly. A gingerbread bun, a white chocolate and raspberry square and finally my favourite a lemon meringue tart. All of these by the way were stunning and it was just enough to finish off one off the most beautiful restaurant and meal experiences.

If you’re ever visiting the city, or if you live here and you’ve never tried Stockdale’s, take it from me, you’re going to love it. Put it on the top of your list for the next place to try as your foodie venture in this ever-growing and bustling city of Leeds.

Have a look at the menu here by clicking here

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