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Instagram: @tom.sheard

I’ve decided to take my recent Instagram success and turn it into words…

Time these days is sparse. I hardly have the time to do the menial jobs in life never mind chasing the dreams of living a happier one. Working full time, trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle, juggling my own business and creating a profile through social media is hard work. Some things are easier than others and there are definitely way’s of succeeding in areas we all want to.

So here’s a positive step towards that goal of happiness and success.

Instagram is my usual point of contact, somewhere I’ve managed to break through in confidence and actually interact with people and brands. It’s an easier way for me to communicate what it is I want to say but sometimes pictures just don’t say enough. “A picture says 1000 words” apparently… so here I am, giving it a go… writing words.

I’ll be putting together a personal and honest blog based around men’s fashion/lifestyle, travel, food, events and anything else that interests me for that matter. I want to give honest reviews that highlight both the pro’s and con’s in a way that people can connect with. Basically it’s easy reading with substance.

tom.sheard instgram headshot
Instagram: @tom.sheard


5 thoughts on “I’m adding words.

      1. Honestly… it’s something I’ve thought about doing for a while but never really had the confidence to crack on and do it. However, recently brands have been contacting me to do blog posts… So here it is! – The beginning of a new chapter hopefully! x

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