Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo – that’s who!

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Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo – The name itself stirs the mind with questions. Well it’s actually quite simple, “Chuckaboo” is an old English Victorian colloquialism. The word alone means “Friend”, piece it together with Gentlemen’s and voila there you have it… Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo was formed.

Just 5 years old and based in Yorkshire (Leeds) Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo was created off the back of an idea. Have you ever looked at a product that you’ve purchased and thought, I could do this better x10 over? Well, that’s just what we did. The brand consists of natural products such as Beard Oil & Moisturiser and just recently we have branched out into natural jewellery and even into homeware.  The quick success of these products have catapulted this brand across tv, magazines and radio and even into the path of BBC’s Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis who awarded the brand his famous #SBS (Small Business Sunday) award in which he recognises a good brand. Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo have gone on to be reviewed in blogs such as renowned fashion blogger Carl Thompson where he reviewed our Beard oil and rated it number 1 amongst 4 other popular high fashion brands!

In brief, Chuckaboo is an all-natural men’s grooming product range however, we wanted to be much more than that. We love the idea of a modern day gent, somebody who takes pride in their appearance and the way they carry themselves. But we realise that to be a gentlemen you need much, much more than that. To be a gentlemen, is as much in behaviour, the way you express yourself and ultimately how you treat others than just the way you look. To be chivalrous and courteous can be a much more attractive trait in any gentlemen.

At Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo we took this notion a step further. So we understand what it takes to be a gentleman but we also understand that this is quite a typical stereotype. Imagine bending that masculine rule, opening up to everyone of all shapes, colours and sizes. At the end of the day we can all change the way we behave towards each other or the decisions we choose but guess what, you only have the one body so learn to be comfortable with it!

Well, that’s why we created Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo. We are tailored to fit any man, of any age, sexuality, colour, or size. Our target market is “man” – but that’s a loose term. We value ourselves on pushing the boundaries and creating a brand that ANYONE and EVERYONE can relate to. We tied these values in with some great products, all naturally sourced, paraben free and of course cruelty free. Then we wrapped them up in deliciously dark and glistening metallic packaging and put them on sale for you, whoever you are reading this.

Onto the products…We have created a range as nature intended. Not because it was “cool” or “trendy” but because it is the right thing to do. Ask the queston; what is better than natural? the answer…Nothing!

Our range of best-selling beard oils consist of numerous essential oils that each have their attributing health benefits married with a delectable scent.  We use only the best carrier oils such as Golden Jojoba oils and Argan Oils to nourish hair and keep it moisturised.  This natural make up of ingredients has enabled us to explore other products such as facial moisturiser, hair clay, tash wax for those who like to twizzle and just recently we’ve branched out into jewellery.

Not surprisingly, after the success of our grooming products we created some natural bracelet’s and guess what, they were a sell out too! Using only natural stones, and a stainless steel Chuckaboo emblem we designed these bracelets just like our packaging, dark with flashes of gold.

We’ve understood that carrying yourself as a ”gentleman” extends through your lifestyle and into your home too. So we’ve decided to dabble a little further in this market and explore. Incoming ,our most recent venture… homeware. We have some exciting things in the pipeline coming soon to Chuckaboo HQ and we can’t wait to share these with you.

To check out our full range of products visit

Formula 10 Moisturiser – Instagram: @Gentschuckaboo

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