Recently we were lucky to collaborate with Asimina Suites Hotel in Pathos, Cyprus. We were looking for the perfect location to shoot our Eubi shorts campaign (and a few other brand campaigns we had to work on), and this hotel looked perfect.

The hotel offered adults only breaks with private beaches, stunning cabana’s, beautiful suites with balcony views of the pool, palm trees and even a view of the sea, how could we possibly say no? Cyprus here we come!

Our departure day started very early (at 2am to be precise) just to ensure enough time for any delays at the airport(!) – although we got though check-in and security without a hitch, it was air traffic which caused a slight delay and meant we had to stay on the tarmac for an extra hour or so.

We touched down in Pathos, Cyprus a little later than planned, however, the Asimina Suites Hotel had a transfer ready for us and we were chauffeur driven straight to the hotel within minutes! This was an excellent start to the trip.

Now, we all know first impressions mean everything and it was the first few moments on arriving at the Asimina Suites Hotel which really set the scene for the rest of our trip.

The minute we set foot into the breath-taking lobby, a bell boy whisked our bags away with a smile, we were then greeted by more smiling staff who walked us straight into a lovely, air-conditioned room. Here we were asked if we would like champagne, they also brought out a plate of delicious canapés and we quickly realised that this was the Asimina check in. We didn’t have to stand waiting at desks feeling flustered, we were just allowed to melt into comfy seats whilst we ‘supped’ on some cold beers and indulged in delicious nibbles, all whilst the paperwork and room keys were being prepared for our stay. It was a truly lovely and memorable welcome to Cyprus. 

The receptionist talked us through the hotel layout and offered us advice if we wanted to explore outside of the hotel. After this informative discussion we were given our keys and we glided through the lobby into the lifts and found our room without a hitch. 

We were thrilled to see that we had been allocated a stunning classic suite with a beautiful living area complete with table and chairs, a coffee table, a comfy sofa, coffee machine, two TV’s and sliding doors that led straight out onto the balcony which had views of the sea and the pools.

The bedroom consisted of two beds (pulled together to make a large king) and a huge marble bathroom suite with a low sunken bath, two sinks, a walk-in shower and a toilet. It was gorgeous and so incredibly clean (something which we noticed throughout our stay).

We popped open the complimentary bottle of red wine and within moments our bags were hand delivered by the same bell boy who greeted us, with another huge smile.

Before exploring the hotel, we had a moment on the balcony looking out to the palm trees swaying in the warm air and took in views of the sea, we knew immediately we were going to have an absolutely incredible time here in Cyprus.

The Asimina Suites is one of four hotels which are part of the Constantinou Bros Hotels chain. These hotels are renowned for their prime locations, exceptional hospitality and their ability to dovetail with the needs of visitors perfectly. The other hotels were situated close by and although all of the hotels provided exceptional luxury, Asimina Suites was the only with 5 stars in the collection and we could really understand why.

We noticed the hotel manager doing sweeps of the hotel during our stay and it was obvious that he was the ultimate perfectionist. He and his wonderful staff worked tirelessly to curate the most gorgeous experience for us and the other guests. From service with a constant smile, to keeping every single corner of the hotel clean, these beautiful humans were non-stop in their pursuit for customer satisfaction, and you could see how satisfied everyone was. People were relaxed, always smiling and genuinely enjoying every moment of their time at the hotel, and we were sharing the same lovely experience. 

Both myself and Tom had to be up for 6am one morning to shoot early on the private beach, and the staff were already out busying themselves sweeping leaves, scrubbing tiles, cleaning the pool, wiping down sunbeds, and all before breakfast which started at 7am. By the time we finished our shoot, the hotel was alive with guests and the most attentive smiling chatty staff who are all an absolute asset to the hotel. 

As quoted by the lady at reception “you’re on holiday in Cyprus so breakfast is served until 11am” she made it very clear that we were here to relax, and rushing was not an option! The relaxed breakfast meant we always had plenty of time to graze over the biggest and freshest selection of breakfast dishes without fear of missing out. 

Breakfast and food in general at Asimina Suites are impeccable. Buffet style breakfast and dinners can be a little hit or miss, however the food at the Asimina buffets were in smaller portions meaning food items were a lot fresher and there was a lot less food wasted. They offer a vast selection of options for everyone, from traditional Cypriot food to delicious Greek salads, fresh fish, home cooked options, cheeses, breads and a variety of dishes from around the world. We packed our plates with the tastiest meals and every day we raved about how delicious everything was. 

At breakfast I usually enjoyed a delicious freshly cooked omelette and pancakes with a bowl of the juiciest fruits topped with fresh local honey and nuts. At lunch you could pop over to the beautiful beach restaurant and order from a sumptuous ‘A La Carte’ menu while enjoying stunning views of the beach. We watched people jumping playfully off the hotel’s private jetty into the sea whilst grazing on locally sourced fish sat upon a bed of freshly steamed vegetables. These views of Cyprus complete with good food and lovely service meant that lunch was always pure bliss. 

Tip: If you want to also try the A La Carte dinner menu at the beach restaurant you need to book a day in advance (since it is a smaller more minimal dining area) and by doing this, we had one of our most memorable moments of the trip.

We sat right on the edge of the restaurant, directly facing the beach and the sunset was absolutely incredible. We drank cold crisp wine and had the most delicious three course meal while a local guitarist played beautiful tunes and the sky transitioned into a warm pinkish darkness. It was magical.

The service, food, location and company made for a core memory that I still think about often, it was utterly breath-taking and something everyone should experience at least once during their stay.

I was able to keep up my fitness routine too, starting every day with an hour’s workout in the large well-equipped gym situated next door to the spa, and although I was tempted to enjoy a full body massage, I did refrain and opted to relax by the pool if we didn’t have a campaign to shoot. There was even a hair salon next door to the spa if you fancied a quick glow up during your stay. 

One huge advantage was the huge number of sunbeds the hotel offered, which meant they were always available around the pool throughout the day. So again, there was never any need to rush as whenever we had chance between shoots, we enjoyed a few hours reading and slipping in and out of the pool, which was a pure delight.

If you wanted snacks and drinks, these were always available to order from around the pool and there was even a lovely guy who brought around freezing cold hand towels during the heat of the Cyprus afternoon!

Tip: Put the cold towel on the back of your neck!

Hotel amenities also included tennis courts, a mini mart, indoor swimming pools, bars above the pool and areas around the gardens where could sunbath on the soft grass – which were also pruned daily without fail. 

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, we were treated like royalty and so was every other guest. You could see so many repeat vacationers who obviously come back to the Asimina Suites Hotel many times, and it was lovely to see the faces of the staff light up when they saw guests they remembered. They took a genuine interest in all the guests, and it was obvious that it wasn’t just us have having the best experience, it was everyone. 

Asimina Suites is way more than just a spotless hotel offering every amenity you could possibly ask for, because the magic here really is the staff. The people here are amazing and that in itself places the Asimina Suites Hotel way above many other places we have visited.

From the smiling lady who swept up the leaves from the olive tree, to the cleaners who stopped to say hello, to George the wonderful maître d’ who always squeezed guests shoulders warmly at dinner and asked how you were, to the friendly cooks who joked about giving us a nine egg omelette at breakfast and the young staff in the A La Carte restaurant who loved chatting with us, they all made our time at the Asimina Suites Hotel so special. 

So, if you’re looking for a classically gorgeous 5-star hotel in Cyprus, which boasts quality service, impeccable cleanliness, incredible amenities and a place which will forever live on in your memories, then the Asimina Suites Hotel is certainly the place for you.

We will definitely be going back; we might see you there!  

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