I have a little obsession these days with cropped trousers. Without realising I have created a large collection of them and they are becoming one of my staple outfits.

I just love the look of them. They are perfect for summer, easy to wear, comfortable and come in all sorts of patterns now, so surely you can never have too many? I’m going to showcase 5 ways I have styled out cropped trousers over the last few months;

River Island Mens
River Island Cropped Trousers
  1. Smart/Casual I think this is my favourite style and it was so easy to put together. I am absolutely in love with these cropped trousers from River Island. They come with a elastic waistband too so no need for a belt. These trousers are a super skinny fit and they are a clever way to look smart/casual. I just added a Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt and some nice loafers from Base London. Job done. Oh I through on some “Fashion glasses” too just be a little more extra.

Link to River Island Skinny Fit Trousers :

ASOS Men's
A Whole Lotta ASOS

2. Contrasting light with Dark.

For this look I styled some light grey and white cropped trousers with a simple black polo shirt. The trousers are from ASOS and come with a wider fit. This one needs belt as they are more of a “suit trouser” but matched with a tight fitted top and some trainers you can create another smart casual blend and then use colour contrasts for a little more pop. This whole outfit cost me less than £40!

You can find a huge range of cropped trousers at ASOS Here:

Burton - Pre London
Cropped Trousers & Jacket Mix

3. Layering.

For this look I chose a light grey Prince Of Wales style checked cropped trouser from Pre London. These also come with a elasticated waistband (Something I never used to be a fan of but it works for a more comfortable fit). Using some plain white trainers (Around £20.00 from ASOS) and adding a tonal graphic T-Shirt and then additionally a Harrington Jacket both from Burton, I was able to create a cool look with little effort. This whole outfit cost less than £90.

Pre London – Prince Of Wales Trousers:

River Island  Checked Trousers - Vans
River Island / Vans

4. Skateboarding Inspired Casual

Mixing it up slightly here. If you ever see some suit trousers that you love and fit well but you want a more summer look to them. Get them taken up! This is exactly what I did here (Cheating slightly…) but I managed to create a cropped trouser with little effort at a cheap price. The Blue checked trousers are from River Island and were part of a suit. For this I had them taken up at my local tailor for around £8.50. That’s all I had to do to create a style I liked. Often I see trousers that I love but they are part of a suit or are not available cropped, buy them anyway and get them cropped! For this look I added one of my favourite plain black T-shirts from Son Of a Tailor and some black vans. It’s a different kind of cool vibe but still looks smart. As always accessorise and build this up with a nice watch or jewellery.

Here’s another suit trouser example I had cropped! (Trousers from Burton)

Similar River Island Trousers can be found here:

Summer Tones with ASOS

5. Summer light Tones

For some reason the lighter a colour the more summery it looks right? – I don’t know but this is something I wore throughout summer and loved it. These stone coloured cropped trousers are from ASOS and come with a white stripe up the side of the leg. Paired up with some bright white trainers and a contrasting coloured top to create an easy and sophisticated look. I like to have more patterned or exciting things going on with the trouer and then a simple style on top, However, this summer patterned shirts are in and these would be the perfect trousers for a pop of colour!

You can find an array of stone colour cropped trousers from ASOS here:

Let me know what you’re favourite look of mine is and how you are going to style yours this summer!

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