Polo Ralph Lauren|New Opening|Leeds

We are all familiar with that world famous horseback mounted polo silhouette, the one that sits elegantly on the breast of a perfectly sculptured item of clothing. It’s instantly recognisable, exudes style and cements the reality of a good-quality garment. Of course I am talking about Polo Ralph Lauren (PRL).

Just recently Polo Ralph Lauren has opened a new store in the heart of our vibrant and fast paced city of Leeds. The store is nestled delicately between other high fashion designer brands such as Mulberry & Louis Vuitton that line the arcades of The Victoria Quarter. Myself and Stanleydru were lucky enough to be invited to come and check this place out and experience a real Polo Ralph Lauren fitting.

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Son of a Tailor | Custom fit T-Shirts

Instgram @Tom.sheard

I was lucky enough to have been approached by a brand that honestly, I’d never heard of. Now, Son of a Tailor is a brand that I will never forget.

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Men’s Grooming|Chuckaboo Who?

Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo – that’s who!

Instagram @Gentschuckaboo

Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo – The name itself stirs the mind with questions. Well it’s actually quite simple, “Chuckaboo” is an old English Victorian colloquialism. The word alone means “Friend”, piece it together with Gentlemen’s and voila there you have it… Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo was formed.

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I’m adding words.

tom.sheard instgram headshot
Instagram: @tom.sheard

I’ve decided to take my recent Instagram success and turn it into words…

Time these days is sparse. I hardly have the time to do the menial jobs in life never mind chasing the dreams of living a happier one. Working full time, trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle, juggling my own business and creating a profile through social media is hard work. Some things are easier than others and there are definitely way’s of succeeding in areas we all want to.

So here’s a positive step towards that goal of happiness and success.

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