I am excited to announced the launch of L001 x L002 from Lacoste Footwear. 

Offering style, comfort and cultural riffs to daily wardrobes worldwide, L001 x L002 unites past with present and the future – bringing archive elements from Lacoste’s rich tennis history into the contemporary. 

The L001 takes Lacoste’s rich tennis heritage and twists it into an utterly modern shoe; an instant classic that bridges cultures and eras, connecting wearers.

The L002 is a very special court sneaker, designed specifically for women. It is a shoe for the urban adventurer, ready for wherever the city takes her. The shoe plays on the L001, nodding to Lacoste’s tennis history and the brand’s rich archive of clean, elegant design, while speaking to a new generation.

The shoe has an eye-catching chunky outsole, an exaggerated version of that found on the L001.

Both sneakers are available in a range of colourways. From £90, available now.

You can watch the film here and discover more.

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