Let me introduce you to a brand you may not have heard of before.

Born in Copenhagen, Son of a Tailor engineers the most beautiful shirts and T-shirts with absolute expertise to fit your body and its measurements with perfection. It’s an easy way to look better than ever!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Son of a Tailor before a few years back and to this day I am still adament that there is no better garmants out there. The items I chose a few years ago are still up their as some of the most important in my wardrobe. In short, I still wear them all the time and they just look and feel amazing.

I love block colours and this is something Son of a Tailor do so well. Simplicity at its best but oozing with sophistication, you can wear these shirts with anything and to any occasion.

It’s really a very easy concept. You create a free account at Son of a Tailor and fill out your measurements using their perfect fit algorithm which is so easy to do and takes around 30 seconds to complete. All the algorithm needs is your age, height, weight, shoe size and body type then you’re done!

You can then go on to choose different shirt types, colours and materials that you like personally. So for me, I love a crew neck T-shirt that’s fitted as opposed to a classic fit. Its all personal preference but it allows you to create something totally bespoke and personal to you.

Son Of A Tailor Body Type Algorithm

Everything is made to order which eliminates inventory waste and when you’re ready to proceed your personalised garment is made in Portugal and laser cut with precision to your exact measurements. You can even have your initials stitched in too, cool right?

But, they’ve got something new up their sleeve… (Get it?). Let me tell you about their newest creation…

The Invisible Undershirt.

It’s a shirt made from sustainable material which is ultra light and smooth against your skin, it matches your skin tone, and hides invisibly protecting what you wear on top of it from sweat marks or embarrassing nipple marks. It is made specifically to act like underwear and go beneath the top you’re wearing and they are made so perfectly, you don’t even know you’re wearing it. Imagine you’re running late for work and you have a presentation to deliver to the board. You get to work on time (phew) but you’re flustered and the last thing you want is those embarrassing sweat marks as you’re talking your way through the presentation. It’s stressful enough right? Well this is just one genius way of combatting that.

The invisible undershirt is made from 100% Tencel which is a fibre made from wood pulp which I think is so, so special. They come in a range of different shades to match your skin tone and you can choose if you’d prefer it to be fitted, loose or tight, they’ve really thought of everything here.

Son of a Tailor produce honestly some of the best items of clothing I’ve ever owned. If you’re looking for something that can be worn to all occasions and packs a punch but without the busyness or bright colours and patterns then this is for you. Sometimes less is more, especially when its done this well. Check them out at Son of a Tailor.

This blog post contains Paid Promotions.

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