It’s my first blog post of the new year and what better way to start than kicking off with some of my favourite fragrances. If there’s nothing else this year we can still smell good right? In this post you’ll only find the best unique fragrances which are all completely different that is guaranteed. Hopefully there is some you haven’t heard of either.

In no particular order (they’re all amazing), let’s begin…


So you’re thinking Flora, you’re seeing the flower, and probably assuming a more feminine scent here right? – Wrong. We’re in 2021, and scents like a million other things are not gender biased. I usually would lean away from floral scents, it’s not my bag at all however, this unisex scent is incredible. As part of All Saints first (hopefully not the last) new range of fragrances this one packs a real punch. Not only is the bottle absolutely stunning with a lid made of polished concrete the fragrance inside is like nothing I’ve every really tried.

Made in Spain this fragrance has top notes of black pepper, smoky orchard and amber wood. It’s woody and floral at the same time, but isn’t so floral that it will leave you smelling like a fresh bouquet. More like a summers day. It’s a very contrasting fragrance with smokey notes and that’s why I love it. Personally their whole range is outstanding but this one in particular really hit home for me. Less than £50 for 100ml too, pretty perfect right?

Click here to purchase All Saints Flora Mortis Unisex Fragrance.

2. Palazzo Nobile – Casanova 2161 – La Maison Valmont 100ml £136

Now this is on the heavier end of the scale when it comes to price but in my opinion it is worth every single penny. Wow, I was absolutely blown away by this fragrance. I hadn’t heard of La Maison Valmont before until I was introduced to their face creams, something you can read about on another blog post by clicking here. Straight out of Switzerland this is a brand that is high-end luxury, using only natural products not tested on animals. I love that.

The Casanova 2161 fragrance is light and fresh with top notes of charismatic iris and vetiver, a beautiful combination. It’s mixed together with the spicy scents of juniper berries making it an all rounder and an exquisite scent to own. I’ll be honest, this is the one I keep on the shelf in the bathroom for show as it looks so good. It’s thick glass bottle with a lid that resembles a polished marble its the one I only use for my absolute best. Available in Harrods.

Click here to purchase Casanova 2161

3. Zara – Vibrant Leather OUD – 120ml £19.99

Ok, so let me start by saying this is an absolute bargain, 120ml for £19.99 is amazing. Yes its cheap, but let’s be honest the scent won’t last forever. There is a reason it has the price tag it does however, I wanted to include it because it smells so damn good and if you want something that doesn’t break the bank balance but smells gorgeous for maybe an “everyday” kind of fragrance, then look no further.

I was stood in the line waiting to pay in Zara when I saw this. Anything with ‘Oud’ in I absolutely love and so, I tried it. Instant purchase, I just added it the checkout, yeah Zara, you got me, I know just what you are doing placing these at the checkouts and you got me on this one.

As you can imagine, this is a dark, woody smell with a hint of leather. Notes of Bergamot and Oud warm it up into a kind of musky fragrance that although they say it will last all day, it won’t. But it’s up there with one of the best I’ve smelt. It smells expensive, so you can lather it on and not worry about the price.

4. IKON – 914 & 511 – 100ml £59.50 each.

Ok, now stop what you are doing… these two which are part of a range of 6 are actually exclusive to The Fragrance Shop and when I say they are out of this world, I really mean it. I was sent two of these to try before Christmas and both of them, without going too over the top and dramatic are straight 10s. Believe me when I tell you, these fragrances are stunning.

Vegan, cruelty free, responsible, sustainable, natural mind-set, conscious and premium are just some of the reasons these fragrances are so good. All of the above with beautiful and long-lasting fragrance all bottled up for less than £60… you think i’m having a laugh right? No, these are outstanding.

Starting with IKON ‘914’ this light fragrance opens with sparkling bergamot, lime and tagete. Enhanced by captivating rich oud and golden saffron in the heart, a cushion of soft powdery musk competes with balsamic amber, woods and mosses to form a captivating and mysterious base. This is one of those fragrances that people smell on you and ask you about… you know, the casual “mmm, what are you wearing?” questions. These literally do leave a mark on people and I absolutely love them. Along with the fact, they use sustainable packaging materials too, like the wooden top and the cylinder cardboard tube they arrive in. This one smells similar to Creed Aventus, but has a darker moodier vibe to it.

The second of the collection I tried was IKON ‘511’. This is totally different to ‘914’ and has a much brighter, summery smell to it. Again, its absolutely beautiful and they smell so premium. Enriched with sandalwood and cardamom, this intoxicating and alluring scent evolves with notes of elemi in the top, to a floral heart which encompasses jasmine, orris, lily of the valley and violet. Base notes descend with dry amber, nagarmotha and vanilla for an addictive and timeless fragrance.

When I say these are worth every penny, they really are. I loved them so much I now have 5 of the 6, just one more to go to complete the collection. They look gorgeous lined up together too. So, for less than £60 you can smell out of this world, truly stunning and purchase a responsible and conscious product, there is literally nothing not to love.

You can buy IKON 914 by clicking here.

You can buy IKON 511 by clicking here.

5. Murdock London – Black Tea Cologne – 100ml £88

This one for me was a wild card in terms of the scent itself. I usually stick to what I know and tend to be drawn to more lighter smells or anything containing Amber or Oud. I’m not sure why it just always happens.

So when Murdock London got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try a fragrance I obviously jumped at the chance. Looking through their website I noticed the name of one fragrance in particular, The ‘Black Tea’ Cologne and instantly became curious. I thought it was such a peculiar ingredient for a cologne, turns out it doesn’t actually contain tea at all but it does contain a really good story. This cologne is inspired by the elegant traveller and Britains historic spice & tea routes and that is where the name comes from. Cool right? This tells me the team at Murdock London have taken time when curating their fragrance and care a lot about what they create.

This fragrance is more of a ‘masculine’ smell mixed with tobacco and leather, again something I would usually stir away from, but not this time. It’s indulgent, it’s dark, its aged, it’s musky and I absolutely love it. A real luxury scent that isn’t actually that heavy and lasts all day. With top notes of Nutmeg, Basil and Pepper blended with middle notes of Leather and base totes of Musty Woods, Musk and Birch Tar.

Remember the days when we could go out with friends on an evening for a few drinks at a bar, or go out for dinner? yeah me neither. Well this is the kind of fragrance I’d wear if I could do both of those things. I imagine sipping back a whisky whilst having a laugh with my friends and enjoying the atmosphere. To me, it’s an evening scent, one to take out on the town.

An unusual choice fort me personally but overall I am so happy I decided to take the leap. You’re in for a real journey with this one.

You can buy Murdock London – Black Tea Cologne by clicking here.

This post contains some gifted products – None of these links are affiliate links. If you would like to get in touch regarding blog posts or reviews please email me at

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