It’s been quite a few weeks now since my Made by Zen products arrived and well, let’s just say, a lot in my life has changed since then too. Some of them major, some of them minor. But, just before lockdown I decided to myself that I needed a bit more ‘me time’, I needed to stress less about the small stuff and just remember to take a moment. Turns out I really did need my zen and I for sure have found it.

If you didn’t already know, Made by Zen offer the most beautiful air diffusers for your home. I will be completely honest with you, before this I never really liked diffusers. I couldn’t find a nice-looking air diffuser on the market anywhere. They always looked cheap and never really looked the part in the interior surroundings of my home, I always considered them to be a bit of an eyesore. Until now. Turns out, you can find nice air diffusers after all and Made by Zen have a collection of them that will sit comfortably into your home, so much so that they become a statement piece.

I’m up for trying anything that is designed and formulated to relax you, restore you and rejuvenate your mind and soul. The world these days is busy, hectic and loud and I think these products really do help you combat that. Using beautifully curated essential oils Made by Zen can transform the air inside your house into a calm and relaxing environment with beautiful smells and a tranquil mist. I was lucky enough to try a couple of their diffusers and they are all are superb. 

The diffusers are peaceful emitting zero loud noises, they have relaxing LED lights some of them that glow slowly at the pace of a relaxed heartbeat and a calming vapour mist. Thee collection of oils on offer is just incredible. My favourite oil which I use every day is called none other than (you guessed it…) ‘peace’ which is a purity mix of oils that contains; Mandarin, Eucalyptus, Neroli, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. It’s smells as good as it sounds. It has been carefully blended to ensure the most tranquil and peaceful aroma floats around your home and lets you breathe happily. If you were wondering, I am actually sat here writing this with the diffuser emitting this beautiful mist right now.

Anyway, on to the diffusers. I have one in my living room and the other in my bedroom and I’ll tell you why. The one in the living room which we have on constantly is a piece of art. I chose the ‘Fern’ diffuser in grey which is a glass orb that is beautifully sculpted in a charcoal coloured patterned glass. You can choose whether or not to put the light on, but we always have it on. It’s not bright, more of a chilled glow and that’s what I love about it. It’s small enough to move around anywhere but has actually become the centre piece of my coffee table. I really do love it.  

Now, the second diffuser is aptly named ‘Kasper’. This air diffuser is elegant yet modern and sophisticated. It sits unobtrusively at the side of my bed on top of the bedside table. It’s there because this diffuser has a glowing light that pulses lulling you into a deep sleep. I have it on every night, the light glowing and the mist flowing. It’s a stunning way to drift off into serenity. This one is also comes with a remote to control it with.

These are just two amazing products from Made by Zen’s huge range. I highly recommend trying one and ensuring you get some you time and if nothing else I promise you they’ll look amazing in your house.  

Product links:

Kasper Air Diffuser

Fern – Grey Diffuser

Peace Purity Blend Essential Oil

This blog post contains gifted products.

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