At long last!!! Summer has arrived! (Sort of).

With the ease of lockdown meaning we can spend a little more time outside… and the bars, pubs and restaurants are slowly getting back to the new normal… now is a better time than ever to wear those summer outfits you thought you were taking on holiday. Maybe you’ve got a wardrobe full of guilty online orders you made throughout the 3 month of lockdown madness. You know what, the weather has actually been pretty decent for us luckily too so we can’t complain too much, let’s get out and wear it!

Anyway, I digress, with the quick arrival of summer comes the new Summer ranges from our favourite high-street stores. I’m hitting you right now with my favourite, Burton Menswear.

These guys have been so good to me over the past year or so and I’ve loved working with them on their absolutely ridiculously good menswear collections. Sometimes I feel they’re slightly under rated and so i’m here to shout loud and clear as to why Burton Menswear is your next stop for summer essentials.

I’m going to start with this trilby hat. I’ll be hat spamming for the next few weeks I think. I’m not one to go completely “out there” when I comes to fashion, but I don’t like to sit on the fence either. I know a Trilby isn’t exactly ground-breaking but I personally would have never even given this style a second thought before, and why? It’s all just down to my confidence.

As you can tell, this hat seems to have woken my confidence right back up! Basically, in short, I LOVE A TRILBY! It’s an extra accessory that literally transforms the full outfit.

So for this outfit look, I styled the trilby hat with some white, pin-striped skinny fit suit trousers. You can match these with loafers, or even plain white trainers to really show off a elegant summer style that is super classical without been old.

I’m going to link both the trilby hat and the pin-striped trousers below for you.

Trilby –

Trousers –

Another thing Burton is brilliant at is their t-shirts. They are good quality, come in a huge range of colours, fit perfectly… and are SO DAMN CHEAP!

Every man needs a range of t-shirts in their wardrobe because they go with literally any outfit. Whatever style it is you want to go for, super casual, smart-casual, under a suit, shorts and t-shirt, this range is perfect for all of that! Obviously it’s a staple summer item too.

You can purchase these T-shirts either on their own or in multi-packs too in a range of colours… How easy is that!? I’ll give you a link for the t-shirts here:

T- Shirts –

Have a great summer everyone, stay safe.

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