It seems for us Brits that summer started early this year with all of this nice weather we’ve had recently. It’s been nice to enjoy it whilst we’re on lockdown, could you imagine if it rained everyday? ugh! It’s a good job too that the sun has got its hat on because Burton menswear summer collection is popping this year! Printed shirts, chino shorts, and trilby hats fill their range offering you with a whole catalogue of summer wear to stand out in a crowd.

Now we all know Burton Menswear is known for it gorgeous suits and I am going to show you my summer take on one I tried recently… I am in love!

I chose the 1904 Moor Light Green Suit which comes either as a two piece of a three piece including the waistcoat. This suit is the most stunning colour it’s almost like a minty teal which is perfect for this season.

I actually wanted a more summery, cooler vibe so decided to go for the two piece and wanted to style it as a more smart-casual look. The thing is with Burton suits, they are just so versatile. You can wear them dressed up to the nines for a wedding or any other special events including a tie and cufflinks, or you can play around and find your own style and go for a more smart-casual look and that’s exactly what I did.

So the first thing I did was drop the shoes and swap them for some some plain white sneakers with some pop socks. Nobody wants to wear big thick socks in the height of summer anyway. The length of the suit trousers sit just above the ankle to instantly reveal a fresh and cool look.

I partnered the suit with a white short sleeved grandad shirt also from Burton which you can find by clicking here. I chose this shirt because of it’s light-weight material and you’d never know it was short sleeved under the suit jacket which is ideal for those warm summer nights to keep you cool without having to compromise. I added a gold necklace for a little more detail and the pocket square comes already stitched into the suit. Talk about no hassle. Another option would be to wear a plain white t-shirt instead of the shirt. This is something I also like to do when styling a suit differently.

I just want to point out here the level of exquisite detail that Burton Menswear go to with their suits, they actually never disappoint! If the lining doesn’t scream summer to you then I don’t know what will. It’s a plethora of flowers, plants and tropical birds and its nothing less than beautiful! The fit, the material and the overall look of the suit is amazing and you know else is amazing… the price!

I will link below for you both the two and three piece suit which by the way… is now in the sale!

1904 Moor Light Green Suit – Two Piece

1904 Moor Light Green Suit – Three Piece

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