Teeth, the smallest things on your face that have the biggest impact. Personally teeth and eyes are the first things I notice on people and I think they do a lot for first impressions, just one of the many reasons they should be taken care of. Teeth are so important and a beautiful smile can help you in a range of different situations.

I often like to use teeth whitening kits but until recently I haven’t actually been able to find one that I’m particularly fond of and to be honest with you actually works. Then I came across Smileo.

Smileo is now one of the leading teeth whitening companies in the world and boast a huge following across their social media channels so they must be doing something right?

I assumed teeth whitening was actually bad for your teeth, harmful to the enamel and I didn’t really like the idea of it. Smileo products however are actually 100% safe, they don’t test on animals and surprisingly… they’re vegan meaning you can whiten your teeth without a guilty conscience or the worry of any tooth damage. I opted for the Smileo teeth whitening kit which contains three whitening gels’, the tray and the LED whitening light and a tooth whitening shade guide. This particular product can help you achieve whitening of 8 shades lighter.

I used the tooth whitening shade guide to match the colour of my teeth in their current state and would say the closest shade was number 4. Not yellow or a concern for me but always room for improvement! I want to show you just how easy it is is with the Smileo teeth whitening kit.

It’s literally so easy. Make sure you brush your teeth before using the whitening kit. Then, apply some of the whitening gel to the LED Light Tray. Turn on the light tray and put it in your mouth biting down. What more can I say? leave the gel to work its magic, kick back or continue with your day. It completely hassle free.

I sat back and read a couple of chapters of my book and before I knew it, I was done. All you need is as little as 10 minutes a day ( but I did it for longer). Once you’ve finished, rinse out your mouth with some water, and rinse out your gum tray. Done!

I’ve been really impressed with this kit so far, I am on my 3rd day using it and can already see considerable difference in the colour of my teeth. I’d highly recommend giving these products a go.

Smileo also have the very easy and effective disposable whitening teeth strips, something I’ll be using when I’ve finished with the gels. Couldn’t rate these products enough. Try some for yourself!

Click here to visit Smileo and browse their teeth whitening products.

This blog article contains gifted products from Smileo

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