Just recently I was asked very kindly to collaborate with a really British clothing brand, Raging Bull. Now, if you know me at all, you’ll know I love been British and even more so I love British products. So this was a collaboration I was really looking forward to.

Raging Bull was founded by the one and only Phil Vickery a former English rugby union player who was a member of the England World Cup winning squad back in 2003. Phil was given the nickname “Raging Bull” by Sir Clive Woodward early in his career and I guess as it turns out, that name meant more than just a nickname…

Honestly, ( I’m always honest with you) I had heard of Raging Bull as a brand but never actually purchased from them before and so I was keen to try select some pieces and try them out. I wasn’t dissapointed.

I always think it’s all in the details of which this new summer season range has many. They do many patterned and printed shirts but I’m a simple man and I always like a simple colour item. This by no means is boring, it’s all in the styling.

My first (and favourite) piece was the Long Sleeve Signature Knit Polo which is a bit of a twist on the classic polo and perfect for this time of year. This fit me so well and I absolutely love the colour (I chose navy). I love a polo shirt so this was right up my street. I paired this with some black jeans for a bit of contrast, and then some all white trainers. Its a smart casual look I was going for.

Outfit Of The Day With Raging Bull

You can purchase the Long sleeve Signature Knit Polo by clicking here.

The quality on these garments really is good. Like, you know just at the feel of something that it will last a long time..? well these pieces do that to you!

My second outfit choice was this black lightweight crew neck jumper. I always like to go with a crew neck, I just think its a little more modern than the classic V Neck (although there is nothing wrong with them either) It’s all just personal preference.

I mentioned quality before and this is actually made with a cashmere mix to give it that bit more luxury feel, and it really does! Both pieces I chose are embroiled with the signature Raging Bull logo for that extra detail and statement piece. I matched this with a plain white fitted-shirt some black jeans and some all black trainers.

A bit more of a darker, I would say wintery kind of look but something that is perfect for this time of year, when its cold but the sun is shining. It’s another smart casual look I was going for, but this kind of jumper could be styled with a 100 different outfits making it a staple wardrobe piece.

You can purchase this jumper by clicking here

For me this is a really nice British brand that takes into consideration quality, affordability AND style making it an all-rounder. Put it this way I know I am going to get a hell of a lot of wear out of both of these items.

Check out the Raging Bull full rang here

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