I’ll be honest it probably wasn’t the best choice of restaurant for somebody who recently committed to vegetarianism (and a previous lover of all things meat) but, that been said… they catered to my new meat-free adventure and pleasently surprised me!

Set within a ship-like shaped building, something my friend described like “Noah’s ark” I invite you to try Chophaus! Located right on the edge of Roundhay Park in Leeds this restaurant is a unique establishment to say the least. Ridiculously stylish with modern decor throughout, this is a Steak house of high calibre. I was stunned by the aesthetics of this this place. Dark, boujee and everything I love.

As the name suggests, this is a place that serves premium meats from locally sourced suppliers which is sold by weight rather than cut. Chophaus use a charcoal grill to ensure your steak is cooked to perfection delivering a smoky and rich flavour and a unique experience on every visit. However, unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to taste these dishes ( although everybody else I was with loved them!) I was keen to see what a vegetarian would presented with in a predominately meat based restaurant.

I wasn’t disappointed. My starter was a carrot & lemongrass soup and it was absolutely outstanding. This dish is perfect for the time of year we went and on a cold winters evening, this is exactly what I wanted, a little bit of spiced and thick comfort-food soup, served with bread and lashings of butter. The flavours are second to none here!

Moving on to mains I was presented with a Vegetable Cassoluet. This was made with cep puree mouse and spiced onion beignet and it was so stunning. Basically a vegetable casserole but presented so beautifully. Extra care, attention and thought has obviously been put into this whole menu which is nice for a new vegetarian. The food here is premium, even down to the veggies and you can really tell.

Finally dessert was served. I was surprisingly full at this point but there’s always room for a dessert right? In this case it was a black first cheesecake served with cherries and tulle. Without doubt one of the nicest desserts I’ve ever had! I didn’t want to share it.

Pretty strange to think that a “steakhouse” is still one of my favourites even when I’ve decided to go vegetarian. It makes a lot of sense really, look after the veggies in the group and everybody can still visit the restaurant. Its nice to see more and more options are available especially in a restaurant of this type.

Chophaus drinks menu is extensive filled with premium wines and well put together cocktails. I actually sampled a couple and my favourite was a salted caramel espresso martini. A little twist on my favourite drinks. Something to add, these drinks are huge! Definitely worth the money.

I highly recommend you visit , not only for the unique aesphetics and modern design of this place, but of course I can promise you, you’re going to get a meal you remember!

Chophaus | Rhounday Park, Louis House, Princes Ave, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2FA | http://www.chophause.co.uk

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