Let me take you far, far away to a fairytale land. Probably the best kept secret in the Scottish Highlands and voted top 25 cottages in the UK 2019 by the times… Welcome to Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages.

I guarantee there is nowhere else like it.

Surrounded by 30,000 acres of woodlands, wilderness and moorlands, located on the banks of the Glen Dye River is Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages. I couldn’t really contain my excitement having seen online what this place looks like and after an almost 6 hour drive you could say I was pretty happy when we arrived. A gorgeous drive through the forests with views unlike anywhere i’ve seen, to be met with a twinkle hitting our eyes through the trees. The warm aurora glow of the lights to our very own camp for the weekend. We had arrived a Glen Dye.

Before I go into just how outrageously beautiful this place is I should let you know we were staying at the Saw Mill Camp. Just one part of many at this private estate. We decided to stay here because we wanted a totally different and unique experience and it definitely delivered. There is also a River Lodge and two huge (and down right gorgeous) cottages for larger parties.

Anyway, so back to our weekend in the Saw Mill. A beautiful area which has been painstakingly built, and I imagine planned to perfection. It’s like living outdoors but nowhere near like “Glamping”, it’s a million times better! Here there is a incredibly well built wooden building which acts as ‘the hub’. You’ll find an open plan, kitchen-diner here with living room where you can make food, relax, read books, listen to the record player and wholeheartedly will not be able to watch TV. There isn’t one… and that’s just what you need to escape from the world for a weekend.

Just down the path which is connected by bridges over streams and lit by fairy lights hanging from trees is where you’ll sleep in the most unique way.

A silver refurbished american Airstream safari caravan sits snug between the trees. It looks completely in place like it’s always been there, like nature grew it like the trees. Of course this is beautifully decorated with a seating area and one of the biggest beds I’ve ever slept in.

Opposite here is a shed. Yeah, I know, that doesn’t sound like much. But this is a beautiful shed, so beautiful that when you open the door to a bathroom and toilet which is so perfectly decorated, fitted with every amenity and a rainfall shower you’d expect in a 5-star hotel, you are dumbfounded how it can be better than your bathroom back at home. But it is.

Back through the winding paths is the main outdoor area. At the abandoned Saw Mill. Here you’ll find the old mill, refurbished offering you a wood burning stove, possibly the best BBQ in the world ( A big green egg) an outdoor natural shower from the stream, fire pit and did I mention, a wood burning hot tub. Yes leveled up in the middle of the opening of the trees sits your very own wood burning Swedish hot tub. Nothing less than incredible.

Now the hot tub takes a little bit of time to get going (Obviously it needs to fill and then be heated by a fire which you control) but it’s worth every minute of work. To be sat in the middle of the woods, in a hot tub, BBQ lit and slowly smoking your dinner, beer in check and complete and utter silence other than the wilderness is an experience like no other. It actually rained when we were sat in this and it was so beautiful. What a gorgeous addition to an already outstanding place.

We spent most of our time here, making home made pizza’s and cooking them on the gas stonebaked pizza oven. Attending to the fire pit, just relaxing, taking in the surroundings and escaping the world.

Everything here looks and feels like it’s always meant to be there. Like it’s been carved by nature itself. Nothing feels forced, staged and it certaintly doesnt ruin any of the natural woodlands and wilderness. It really is so special.

Oh, and its dog friendly too.

One thing to note… Everything you want is here. Little shout out to Audrey (Head of guest Experience) who made this experience beyond perfect from the second we got there. On arrival you are greeted with a hamper consisting of Scottish treats, home made bread, milk, butter and… Well I don’t wan’t to give too much away, but let’s just agree you are well looked after. More to fact though, the list of amenities here is endless, like the supply of wood for the fire and hot tub, of course if you want to cut it yourself there is also an axe and cutting board. If you’ve forgotten ANYTHING… say a bottle opener, a hair dryer, a phone charger, you know the usual day to day stuff you use at home and take for granted until you don’t have it… don’t worry because it’s here. They even have separate robes and towels for the hot tub. Like I said this has been exquisitely thought out and it surpasses any expectation I had before visiting.

The location of the camp is around a 15 minute drive from the nearest town (Banchory) and supermarket, which is gorgeous in itself and worth a trip out to see. However, you’ll soon realise that there is so much to do and see at the camp that you don’t actually need to visit anywhere. Miles and miles of woodlands, rivers, and everything you’d expect from beautiful Scotland is right here on your doorstep.

Thank you for inviting us to stay we had one of the best weekends. I highly recommend anybody to visit Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages. I actually still dream about it all the time and where else can you say that about somewhere you’ve stayed?

Take a look at my short teaser video here.

For more information or to book your stay at the Cabins & Cottages click here.

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