Ok so let me start of by saying I have been lucky enough to visit a number of spas in the last few years. However, i’ve never experienced anywhere quite like this…

Rudding Park Spa soars high above all expectations, so much so that even the 5 star reviews I was reading through before I arrived (I have a habit of doing that) didn’t actually do it justice. This place is a pure delight. In short, it’s gorgeous, the staff are world-class, it’s ridiculously clean and the facilities they have are the best I’ve ever , EVER, experienced!

The day began with the estimated arrival time of 10am after driving 40 minutes from home through the yorkshire countryside. First impressions when you turn the corner in to the Rudding Park Estate is just WOW. The Spa itself from the outside has stunning modern architecture that sits perfectly within its forest green backdrop. Surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers I was already impressed. First impressions are everything and this delivered.

We were greeted by warm and friendly reception staff that checked us in and handed over our plans for the day. Everything printed out on quality paper detailing our day (it’s the little details that count). A spa day from 10-6 with refreshments on arrival, unlimited lemon/cucumber water, snacks throughout the day, entry to all areas of the spa, a 50 minute head and foot massage followed by a two course lunch in the Horto Cafe.

One of the team then gave us our electronic wristbands which lets you into all areas of the spa through electronic doors at the swipe of your hand and access to your very own locker. You can even use these wristbands to pay for any additional items should you need to, so you don’t need to carry any money! Then as ‘newbies’ to the spa, we were taken on a full informative tour which ended at our lockers. From here we were left alone so we could change into the bathrobes and flip flops they had provided.

The Facilities here are truly amazing. The best I have ever seen in a Spa. First of all the place is huge and it is obvious no expense was spared. The list of facilities is endless; Experience showers, foot spas, Juniper Sauna’s, Jacuzzi’s, heated indoor & outdoor pools, Oxygen pods, Replicar sunlight rooms (without the UV rays), Lavender steam rooms, chill out areas, music rooms, a star-lit quiet room, I could go on and on. But this is what makes this place different. Spa day’s are nice, but they become very similar, here I can guarantee there will be an experience you are yet to try.

I absolutely fell in love with the “Experience showers” you step inside a pod and choose from from three different themes by pressing a button. I tried all three but the “Caribbean Storm” was my favourite. you press the button and water suddenly comes gushing down onto you, warm mixed with cold. Mist’s of steam surround you whilst music plays and you can hear the subtle lap of waves and birds singing. There is also a sweet aroma that is pumped into the shower to transport you to another world. Suddenly, a flash of cold water and flashing white lights mimicking a thunderstorm. The music changes to the sound of bellowing thunder and you literally feel as if you are stood in a storm. Incredible technology!

At 11am we were booked in for our scalp and foot massage. Now i’m not just saying this, but it’s the best massage I’ve ever had! I was taken downstairs to the “Escape” part of the spa and was greeted by a lovely women called Victoria. She lead me to my private room and for 50 minutes I had a treatment which left me feeling revived and detoxed. Victoria used relaxing oils fuelled with aromas to massage my feet, legs, shoulders neck and scalp. Huge shout out to Victoria who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable in her field. At the end of my treatment Victoria gave me a new robe, a new towel, told me to take my time and relax whilst handing me some frozen grapes and a refreshing rhubarb and apple cordial. I mean come on..! where else do you get this level of service!?

At 1pm lunch was served in the beautifully decorated Horto Cafe. Here the staff were again friendly, attentive and so courteous. The table was already set with freshly baked Focaccia, oil & balsamic vinegar and huge pitcher of ice cold water. Gorgeous cutlery and tableware to accompany a goregeous restaurant, even if we were sat in our bath robes (Something I found quite funny but also relaxing). No need to change here!

The food was next level. It certainly didn’t disappoint. A fresh menu full of vegetables and greens, consisting of everything good for you all made from fresh ingredients. Of course it arrived well presented and in quantity! My choices today was the carrot and orange soup for starter followed by a Halloumi Tabbouleh Salad Bowl which consisted of bulgar wheat, tomato, spring onion, coriander, chive, lime, tapioca halloumi, harissa mayonnaise. Out of this world.

We finished off our day completely relaxing in the outdoor areas, reading a book next to a fire pit, drinking cucumber water and trying out all the different facilities as and when we wanted.

This place is truly special. If this was a Tripadvisor review Rudding Park would achieve a 5 star for , Cleanliness, Staff, Food, Facilities and that extra special “nowhere else quite like it” award. A huge thank you for the invite and for every single staff member we met that day, you made it the experience one to remember.

Find out more about Rudding Park here: https://www.ruddingpark.co.uk/spa/

If you want to get in touch with me for any enquiries email me at Tomjsheard@gmail.com

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