Honestly, I’d never heard of Twisted London before now, probably because I’m from up North in Leeds and that’s so far from London that this kind of cool menu doesn’t pop up as often as it should. However, Twisted London have teamed up with Uber-Eats meaning I can now get it anywhere, any time, even in my home city!

Twisted London kindly invited me to try out some of their menu and of course when food is involved I’ll happily oblige. I checked into Leeds Trinity Kitchen (a place teaming with independent eateries and street food stalls which changes every couple of months) to have my first taste at everything twisted. Firstly I was astounded by the overly zealous range of Vegan options and was immediately excited to try it. One of my new year’s resolutions is to indulge in more vegan/vegetarian meals so this was the perfect opportunity for me to keep this up. Now, I’m not a vegan, nor am I a veggie, but what’s wrong with eating vegetables and decreasing the demand of meat slightly right? Plant power!

Anyway moving on from food politics, the menu is insane and in a good way! It consist’ s of burgers with names such as “The money shot”, “Hashtag” and a personal favourite of mine the “Hot Swayzee”. Various options of loaded fries and sides, chicken wings and an extensive range of vegan choices such as the “Hot Vegan”. You can see where we are going with this, the menu is Twisted, it’s as funny as it is delicious and I really loved that.

I was presented with an almighty feast of a blend of both vegan and meatilicious options to sample, I couldn’t have been more grateful. The “KFV” burger was a real win with me – A vegan take on a chicken burget which consisted of Panko crumbled vegan ‘Chicken’, vegan cheese, avocado, chilli jam, house vegan mayo, cos lettuce and a vegan bun. It was absolutely stunning and really gave me an insight into just how nice a vegan meal can be. The flavours were a real fusion of cooling avocado with a sharp twang of chilli jam, topped off with a deep fried chicken textured like vegan burger and crispy lettuce. As previously stated, I’m no expert in vegan options but this was superb. Price wise we’re talking £9.50 and actually, its worth it.

The second burger we tried was the ‘Hashtag’ coming in at the cool rounded price of £10.00. Picture this, a garlic butter brioche bun with fried buttermilk chicken (I’m already dribbling), a hash brown, sliced cheddar, shredded cos lettuce and a generous splash of devilled Caesar. This for me was an obvious winner (itbeat the vegan option unfortunately) and I could have eaten this 10x over. I’m not sure of their secret recipe but their buttermilk butter is quite frankly better than anywhere else I’ve tasted. Double fried to perfection giving the burger a real crunch before you tuck into the hot succulent chicken and cooled down with the Caesar sauce it’s an exceptional burger. A nice little touch is the brioche bun which had a “Twisted London” stamp charred on top of it, a detail that doesn’t go un-noticed.

Now, onto sides. Everybody love’s “loaded fries” or cheesy chips right? ( I know we do up north). Well Twisted London of course have put their own twist on this delicious side dish. Twisted London’s Caesar Fries are hand cut potato chips with fried chicken nuggets, bacon and parmesan mixed in with devilled Caesar dressing splashed on top. The chips were cooked to perfection and I love chips with EVERYTHING, so this was right up my street. This dish is large and comes in only at £7.50. Alternatively Twisted London also offer Dirty Vegan Fries mixed with Seitan ‘chicken’ nuggets, BBQ sauce, spring onions, pickled jalapenos and house vegan mayo… Something I’ll be trying on my next venture.

If spicy chicken wings are your thing then listen up. Demon Ving’s are vegan chicken wings, yes, you heard that right and as you can probably guess , the devil is in the detail, this meal is hot! I actually only found out after that these were not chicken, that’s how good these were. Seitan ‘chicken’ wings are accompanied by a vegan ghost chilli buffalo sauce , crispy shallots and coriander. x6 For £6.00 or x12 for £9.50.

The portions here are big, and whats-more come’s in delightfully and different packaging. The packaging is well thought out and has deliberately been made to deliver the food in a “takeaway” style (presumably as this is only available through Uber-Eats) but not quite as you’d expect. Everything comes in individual boxes branded with Twisted London. When you open any one of these boxes, the four sides slowly open and drop to create a bowl-like shape to hold your food, imagine opening Pandora’s box and the sides magically falling to unveil an array of delectable foods. It’s a unique way to present food, and food this is good deserves an entrance even if it does arrive on the back of an Uber bike.

If you like good food, then give this a try. Open up that Uber app and order yourself some gourmet food right in the comfort of your own home. I rate this place highly and i’m going to enjoy working my way through their menu – It’s all in the name of my new years resolution!

Take a look at Twisted London’s full menu here: www.twistedlondon.com

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