Recently I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to try a number of new fragrances for men.  You know the deal, it’s a “new year, new you” so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to highlight what I liked about these new fragrances so you can make better choices for a new purchase in the new year. Besides, we all like to smell great right?

David Beckham | Inspired by Respect | £19.95 40ml – Boots

I was actually really surprised by this new fragrance from David Beckhams ever expanding product line. The clue is in the title with this one, it’s a fragrance is inspired by respect – in essence what it takes to gain respect and be respectful.  The scent is fresh and woody with top notes of bergamot (a firm favourite of mine) grapefruit and lavender, middle notes of Pineapple, cardamom and clove; blended together with base notes of orris, amber and cedar, sounds nice right? – It is.  Created by the nose of Julietter Karaguezoglou an expert perfumer and coming in at just under £20.00 it’s not a lot of buck for a delectable and stand-out scent.

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Molecule | Escentric Molecules | £72.00 100ml – Harvey Nichols/Liberty London

Ok, i’m a little bit biased because I LOVE this fragrance. Launched in 2006 ( not necessarily new but I bet you haven’t heard of it) this is a unisex fragrance that I first smelt on my own mum. Don’t let that put you off, this is in no way a “feminine” scent, but a musky, woody aroma that lasts for hours. Molecule as a range works on the basis that the essential oils infused in the bottle works with your own personal DNA or scent, so technically we should all smell slightly different. That been said, I instantly know when anybody else is wearing it. Only a few sprays of this elixir will open the gates to floods of compliments all day long; the “You smell amazing, what are you wearing?” to the “Who’s wearing Molecule!?” when you walk into a bar. It’s a stunning scent that is worth spending the extra cash on. I’ll use this forever as a staple scent of mine and one thing to note is, you soon get used to the smell. You won’t be able to smell this on yourself, only others can smell it on you – I love that. A little harder to find, but can be picked up in Harvey Nichols or Liberty’s of London.

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Mercdes-Benz | Select | £55.00 – £70 100ml – Debenhams

This is a new one for me, a fragrance sent to me from the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. – They make beautifully engineered German cars, so why should their aftershave be any different?  Creation, innovation, quality – That is Mercedes-Benz and their new fragrance Select parfum is stunning, a compliment to their world-famous cars. Bottled in a sleek glass design with defined lines that oozes masculinity and strength. With top notes of bergamot & blackcurrant, heart notes of apple & Pepperment and soothing base notes of ambrox, musk & patchouli it’s a really unique aroma. Different from the traditional heavily spiced men’s aftershaves, this is light but punchy at the same time again with a pretty respectable price tag.

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Sniph | Monthly Subscription Service | 8ml (1 months supply) From £9 Per Month –

A totally unique and brilliant idea from In simple, you pick a collection, they take care of the rest, sending you a new fragrance every month as part of a subscription service. I love this idea and it’s something I’d never seen before.  As seen in high profile fashion publications like GQ or Bazaar, this is really something you should take a look at or more to the point, take a sniph at! What’s on offer with this service? Sniph offer unique & expensive branded fragrances sent to your door every month so you can always stand out or smell different in a crowd. There is a number of collections to choose from, I chose the “Aesthetic” collection described as been original, playful and never smelling like everyone else. Perfect for me because I hate an over saturated fragrance that EVERYONE wears. I prefer to be different. I fell in love with the first scent of my subscription from a brand i’d never explored before, instantly i’m in love. All the scents are selected by experts and it comes beautifully packaged in Sniph’s smart case. Not only that, but there is free shipping AND  you can change or pause your subscription whenever you want so there really is no commitments (if you don’t want there to be). What more do you want from a subscription service that allows you the creativity and freedom to be individual.  I can’t rate it enough and I am so excited to find out what next months fragrance will be.

– Click Here To Purchase –

Here’s to 2019, I wish you the happiest of new years and some new delicious smells!

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