We are all familiar with that world famous horseback mounted polo silhouette, the one that sits elegantly on the breast of a perfectly sculptured item of clothing. It’s instantly recognisable, exudes style and cements the reality of a good-quality garment. Of course I am talking about Polo Ralph Lauren (PRL).

Just recently Polo Ralph Lauren has opened a new store in the heart of our vibrant and fast paced city of Leeds. The store is nestled delicately between other high fashion designer brands such as Mulberry & Louis Vuitton that line the arcades of The Victoria Quarter. Myself and Stanleydru were lucky enough to be invited to come and check this place out and experience a real Polo Ralph Lauren fitting.

This beautiful store is both subtle and eye catching and there really isn’t any other place in the city where it would fit better. This is the first time PRL have opened a store in Leeds which is a far-cry better than rummaging through popular department stores only to find the smallest of the range this brand has to offer…

Glass windows wrap a sophisticated store lined with rustic oak flooring and wooden panels – That expensive but modest tone is felt throughout just like the clothes the fashion icon creates. A Grand staircase take’s you up from women’s wear straight into the Men’s department and it is simply, beautiful. Lined with a multitude of perfectly folded polo shirts in an assortment colours, exquisitely positioned suits and reams of everything you’d expect from a high class designer fashion store. Just for a little extra details there are polo sticks of course and large round wooden tables filled to bursting with new range items.

The staff are amazing, and showered us with champagne and coffee before helping us choose out some gorgeous outfits. As you can imagine, I went crazy, I couldn’t believe the generosity and began to pick out all sorts and try them on. I was already a fan of PRL but I was unaware of just how many different styles and ranges they actually offered. Ignorantly due to personal preference I assumed the brand only made plain T-shirts in a few colours but blissfully I was completely wrong. The range extends from Navy double-breasted suit jackets, to corduroy trousers, multi-colour ranges of knitwear & jumpers, all the way through to staple, striped rugby jerseys… oh and I bagged it all.

I walked out with a stunning Camo bomber jacket, a denim shirt, a full PRL tracksuit (no I didn’t know they did them either!), a polo shirt, and a thick woolly jumper. All polished off with that strong Ralphy emblem.

It was a one off experience that I absolutely loved. I have so much respect for this brand, the attention to detail and the quality is above and beyond. When you look good, you feel good, it’s that simple. Polo Ralph Lauren are a leading fashion brand for a reason. It’s good to know what you are going to get from a brand but from my experience it’actually quite a nice surprise when you don’t and that’s what unexpectedly happened to me. You do however know these products are going to last and will work with any outfit. Plus if you’re a little flashy like me and like to be noticed (sometimes) you’ve got that famous horse with you every step you take!

Make sure you don’t miss this store and check in and have a look at this brand new delight joining us in our beautiful city.

“What I do is about living. It’s about living the best life you can and enjoying the fullness of the life around you—from what you wear, to the way you live, to the way you love.”

– Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren County Arcade, 34-36 Victoria Quarter, Leeds LS1 6BH

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