Neon lights, live brass bands, shiny disco balls, clowns, lions, pigs in speedboats, DJ set’s, cocktails and three 9 hole golf courses… Junkyard Golf Club has certainly landed! This is without doubt an out of this world, unique experience that is totally worth a visit.

Leeds has become the home of Junkyard Golf club’s latest endeavour. Located in The Light within the heart of the city, this club boasts three 9 hole crazy golf courses each with an individual and intriguing theme. The price is £9 a round and you are allocated a time to T off meaning it will never be too busy. This isn’t just a place to play crazy golf, we’ve all done that before right? This is different. Bursting with colour and oozing with fun Junkyard will not disappoint. There is something interesting on every corner, be that Rotating disco balls, slides, endless cocktail lists and even a selfie booth. The atmosphere here is on fire and the details are outstanding. Honestly I loved every minute of it!

Unlike most crazy golf locations, this is a mix between a nightclub and an adult playground. It’s somewhere you can let loose with your friends and enjoy a game whilst still getting all the vibes of a night out.  Junk Yard Golf Club have injected so much crazy back into the mundane crazy golf you knew before. Dance like nobody is watching and enjoy a tipple whilst you wait your turn to play.The music is loud and spun by a live DJ which makes for a real good party vibe, the drinks are fantastic too! There are the usual mixers and draughts on tap that you’d expect, but Junkyard also offer their very own Pilsner amongst others which by the way was delicious.

What is worth mentioning is the cocktails… Lets be honest, they are not the quickest of drinks to make, but when they arrive and the smile on your face beams you’ll realise it was well worth the wait. At around £7-8 a go,  they are pretty fairly priced compared to other places in town, but that’s about as far as that comparison go’s as these drinks are totally unique.

My poison of choice  was “Welcome to Jamrock” which was a rum based cocktail, mixed with pineapple and came in a carnival style striped paper cup, topped with Jammy Dodgers (This is where the Jam in JAMrock comes from) finally, my drink was filled with strawberry sweets and drenched in Chambord, lovely.  At one point I  saw people walking around with popping candy sprinkled generously on the top of their drinks and bags of Haribo actually in them! Like I said, this whole place is fun and it doesn’t stop with the drinks.

Anyway, enough about the drinks, back to the golf… So I had the choice of three courses and obviously I wanted to go for the weird and wonderful course named “Bozo”. This consisted of 9 holes entwined with circus freaks, mirrored mazes, scary carnival clowns, merry go-rounds and dodgems. If you’re scared of clowns… well, this is definitely the one for you, time to run away from the circus!

Something I really liked about this place are the bars that are strategically placed around the golf course… meaning,  you are never without a drink, even when you are waiting for your next shot. Yes that’s right you can actually refresh with a cold beverage and take your time, mingling with other players before moving onto the next hole.  The staff in here are attentive, but laid back. They don’t hang around and watch you play or rush you on if your time is coming to an end, in fact you are prety much left to your own devices which means you flow around the course as easy as the drinks and honestly, it’s a really great laugh.

One thing I will add is that I imagine the more of you that attend the better the experience will be. Trust me, I’ve already got it booked to go back and try another of the courses with all my mates. But if it’s fun that you want, then this is the place to go. The location is perfect, after your round of golf you can stumble out into the bustling streets and straight into the many other surrounding bars. You could even use this as a place for pre drinks before the big night out, I mean it’s just over the price of a cocktail for a round so why not add that into your night! If you’d like you could be really crazy and play all three course in one night! . Either way you should definitely check it out!

I loved it!

Check out Junkyard Golf Club and book here.

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