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I was lucky enough to have been approached by a brand that honestly, I’d never heard of. Now, Son of a Tailor is a brand that I will never forget.

So, you’re are probably thinking, this is just another online clothes retailer, which isn’t anything new, there’s 1000’s of them these days… Well you’d be very wrong!

Son Of A Tailor Navy Pique Polo Shirt

Son of a Tailor was born in Copenhagen in 2014.  They pride themselves on embracing innovation and creating truly custom made pieces of clothing. Using only the highest of quality materials Son of a Tailor create made to order pieces of clothing that are custom fit to every customer. Yes, you read that right, they actually custom fit the pieces to your own body measurements. Did I mention these are also hand stitched crafted items?!

This brand prides itself on producing their products within the EU to ensure a high skilled, good working environment with fair pay. This is something we should always strive to look for in fashion, a business with morals that produces quality garments whilst looking after their staff. Just like Richard Branson once said “happy employees create happy customers”.

Son of a Tailor Small Details

There are a number of things I love about this brand.  The first is their unique online shirt designer, this is something really special and it’s so easy to use!  From here, you can literally create a t-shirt from scratch. You choose everything from the colour, the fabric, the size which of course is dependable on your own body measurements, the sleeves, the collar, pockets (If you want them) and finally, the thing I loved the most, you can actually have your initials sewn in to the garments. Now, this isn’t like a flashy or obvious gimmick , but instead Son of a Tailor have cleverly used the same colour cotton to sew in your initials so subtly that only really you can notice.  You may dress to impress for others or you may dress for yourself, but the feel of having a custom made shirt complete with your initials is just something else! Whether you decide to have this or not, the option is so elegantly done you just might as well.

Custom Initials in Son of a Tailor white T-Shirt

I always find a lot of businesses actually lose momentum in the smaller details however, this is a business that does the opposite. Using only bold & simple designs with on trend staple colours that exude that Scandinavian feel, these shirts will undoubtedly impress. I quickly discovered that these shirts look good with literally any outfit, whether that is a relaxed look or a little smarter they work every time.

I chose three items in total. Two single stitched scoop-necked T-shirts one white, one black with folded sleeves and my personalised “TS” initials sewn in to the sides. My third choice was a navy blue Pique Polo, my favourite of the three. Each shirt was individually tailored to my body measurements so the fit is nothing less than perfect. The quality is high, these shirts are definitely going to last, that’s something you notice straight away.  The shirts arrived in beautiful packaging each with an individual tag on with a handwritten name of the high skilled craftsmen that created and stitched it together. This small detail does not go unnoticed, it made me feel remarkable that I was presented with the name of the person that created my chosen shirts. It’s just like how you might feel when you order food in a posh restaurant and the waiting staff can tell you exactly which part of the world it comes from or even the name of the farmer! – It’s the same thing and I loved it.

Instgram @Tom.sheard

It’s amazing how a “simple” shirt can make you feel and look so good, but Son of a Tailor thoroughly manage to do that. A lot of time and effort has clearly gone into this business to ensure the product is outstanding and it really is. When I wear these shirts I feel confident, proud and on trend but then, why wouldn’t I? I’m the only one wearing these unique and specifically tailored garments!

You can check out Son of A Tailor here.

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